Monday, March 28, 2016


Hallelujah for the Resurrection of our Savior Jesus Christ! It was so incredible to see how open people were to accept a card with a video of the Resurrection this last Sunday. As we knocked door after door, we were received with many more smiles than usual. True understanding of the  resurrection of Jesus Christ makes the message of the restored gospel so much more meaningful. Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father DID appear to a young boy 200 years ago as perfect, resurrected beings. "Come, Follow me" is the invitation Jesus Christ leaves with us today. 

This week we have had absolutely FULL days as well as quite the opposite. After seeing so many of our appointments fall through these last couple weeks, it was a wonderful feeling to be busy running from appointment to appointment on Wednesday. In fact, we were so busy that we ended up almost skipping our lunch and dinner hours. That's not healthy... so when one of our later appointments fell through that evening we did take a half hour 'breather'. I am so grateful when we have people to teach! It has been hard to not see progression in almost any of our investigators, but I strongly feel one of my jobs is a seed planter. As we continue bringing people unto Christ, our purpose is fulfilled. One day they will be ready. As for now, we keep planting seeds and inviting them to progress! 
Lindsay with Brother and Sister Cottle.
They are a missionary couple that is on
base in Hinesville. They take great care
for the missionaries and service men
and women stationed there. Thanks!

One of the rather funny miracles I saw this week took place Thursday evening. Things kept falling through and we had completely exhausted all of our backup plans. Since we were stuck on post (non-proselyting) we figured we would at least drive off post so we could do some finding. Well, as we were driving, I remembered that the city has a farmers market every Thursday in March and April. We had wanted to check it out and do some finding at the same time...but hadn't been able to make it out yet because we always felt like there were better things for us to do. Well, we literally had nothing. So we followed that thought and made a quick stop to the farmers market. 

We did a quick walk through. It wasn't well attended. The finding situations were a little bit awkward and not the most ideal, so we walked back to the car to do something more productive. All of a sudden I got that quiet communication from the Spirit. A pressing feeling that wouldn't go away. I knew we had to go back. What? I was so confused..but called out to Sister Lewis who turned around, and we both walked back. I told her I felt like there was someone there we needed to meet..but that I had no idea who or how we were going to share something with them. 

As we walked up to the booths..I remembered a particular tent selling baked goods. I had a feeling that I needed to buy a snicker-doodle. Ok...I know God works in mysterious ways, but this just seemed a little bit strange. However, It was a very specific prompting, so I followed just what I felt. The whole process was funny. I would receive a prompting to do one thing, act, and then receive the next thing I needed to do. It was so neat. I shared the followhim video with the lady selling the cookies and in no time at all I felt the direction we needed to move. So we did. And we saw a lady we have done volunteer work for in the past.

The next thought- "Go say hi." So we went and said Hi. Then as we were talking with Hollie, a young couple walked slowly past. All of a sudden they paused... and I could tell they were looking at me. I made eye contact with the young woman, ended the conversation with Hollie, and the young woman came back, introducing herself and her husband. They were clearly military and newly weds. Not only that, but they were members of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Awesome! 

The experience taught me that we must always be ready to act on a personal revelation regardless of what it is. The Farmers market was such a small event that had we done anything differently than we had, we may not have met this couple at all. So many military families become less active because they get lost in the moves. This could result in entire generations knowing nothing about the restored gospel! I don't know what the impact our meeting them could have been that day... but I am glad we listened. They came to church this week and made a great transition into the ward. 

I don't remember if I wrote about this in weeks past, but one of my investigators from my past area is being baptized this week! It is such a blessing for me to have been able to see that my work is making a difference. I am so, so happy for her! She truly has an incredible love for the Lord. She is a convert who will stay. This work can and is changing lives. 

Love you all! Keep making a difference! 
A thought from the Women's General Broadcast: SERVICE and LOVE
Let's live Christ-like lives. :)

Sister Brown 

Monday, March 21, 2016

Finding a New Fire

Sister Lewis and I are staying for a third transfer together in Hinesville! That's the new 'fire' we've found. Something just sparked within us. We both felt a powerful urge to go knock on every single door in Hinesville. XD It's going to be a good transfer.

This will be a new experience for me seeing how it will be my first time not training. We have both, however, been called to be Sister Training Leaders. So we will continue to find new service opportunities. I look forward to the chance the Lord has blessed me with to lift the hands of discouraged missionaries that may hang low, and also be uplifted by their incredible examples. The sisters in our mission are wonderful and so full of love. I'm grateful for their examples to me. 

Because I don't want to interrupt the email later to write this--> Something incredibly random but funny from this week...we've taught lessons to a few women who could literally have had their babies at any moment. One lady we taught on Thursday..her due date was Saturday. Another we taught on Sunday and her babies usually come very early...her due date was in a couple weeks. All these young families...there are so many pregnant women!

This week has been a good one full of hard work! We are spreading the Easter video far and wide! It is such a powerful message. I hope you all looked it up this week. 

We met some of the sweetest women this week. (Being sisters..I feel the Lord puts those in our path who just need to feel loved sometimes.) It's not very common to run across older people in some of these highly military areas...but we found a few :) One of the women we met has had the hardest things happen to her. It was crazy! I couldn't even imagine the stories she told us. It seemed like what you would hear in a movie. Some of the details are in my journal..but I probably shouldn't share them openly. Regardless of the sad experiences she has gone through, it was so good to still see hope in her eyes. Hope for a better life. Hope for a family who loves her. Hope that someone, anyone, would come sit with her one afternoon. Missionary work is about love. I know that to be true. I get teary eyed just writing this. The job of a missionary is to care for those the Lord puts in our path. She may not accept everything we teach, but she is in need of Love. 

This week, I have seen how destructive the negative thoughts that slip into our mind can be. One lady who we teach has an incredibly strong desire to make changes in her life. She knows she will be happier without some of these destructive habits taking rule over her. Yet doubt of her divine potential slips in and tells her she isn't good enough. She can't just decide to stop. We ARE strong enough to change. I bear witness of that! I know it to be true. I know it is a hard process. Repentance is not supposed to be easy. If it were, it would not have the lasting affect. We continue to love, and support her through this difficult time. I am grateful to be bringing people unto Christ no matter what step they are at in their conversion. That is the huge change I have seen in my missionary work lately. Every effort is a good one. Every change is one step closer. I love this work! 

At church this Sunday I pulled out a rusty talent that hasn't been touched in quite some time. I played the violin in church as a musical number. Wow. That was a little bit of a scary experience. Granted, I was using a lower quality violin than I was used to back home..but an amount of my skill was gone. It was a good reminder, however, that this work is the MOST important thing we could ever do. Sure we may be asked to make some small "sacrifices," but these are not truly a sacrifice at all. The Lord will use our skills to further His work. I am grateful to put His will first and foremost in my life. I'm working on knowing how to do that better every day. This week, put your talents towards the work of our Lord! 

Easter! What a blessing we hold in our hearts to know that Jesus Christ IS the RISEN Lord. Wow. Nothing could bring more power and peace to my soul. This is the message I hope to testify of often and with all the feeling of my heart. Study it. Study Him. Let's Prepare this Easter for the most meaningful experience we can have with our Savior.

Love you all! 
Sister Brown

PS There were three birthdays during district mtg this one of the sisters bought a pinata for those with birthdays. cute thought :) 

Monday, March 14, 2016

He sent His Son

Easter is on its way here! Yesterday the new Easter video came out! Check it out at It is absolutely wonderful! Because of Jesus Christ WE CAN find new life. I know that to be true. So many of the people we have been teaching recently have been so intrigued to learn about the plan of Salvation. The plan that God has for His children. I testify that YES we can live with God and our loved ones after this life. I know that we will be blessed with all the opportunities needed to truly decide to FOLLOWHIM. It starts one step at a time :) 

Tuesday was a day of miracles. In all honesty, it felt like the perfect day. Due to certain circumstances, we ended up with an extra Sister. It was so wonderful to have her sweet spirit and devoted personality helping us with the work we had that day. Her goal during that time was to bear frequent and powerful testimony of Jesus Christ. I bear witness that as we talk of Christ, a special spirit will be added to the doctrine being taught. Nothing is more powerful. 

Among our lessons, we stopped by an older woman's home who is currently working on coming back to church and learning more about the scriptures. We typically go read with her in the evenings once a week. We stopped by that afternoon to help her clean out some boxes. When we let her know we were there to help her clean, her face brightened up so much! It was wonderful to see her smile brighten up everything within her. She was so happy and grateful for the service. I know that as we serve others, they will feel their Heavenly Father's love through us. What greater work could we do? So here's the challenge of the week-find someone to serve every day:)

In my email last week I mentioned a lady who was prepared for the gospel. Well, we did meet with her Tuesday evening. She was facing so much sadness and confusion. She was looking for so many answers but didn't know where to look...we were able to bear testimony to her that her Savior, Jesus Christ does know her personally. He is interested in even the smallest difficulties that pile around her each day. She expressed to us her desire to try what we had to offer. I know that when she follows through and exercises her faith by doing what she has promised God she will do, she will find relief. Anything God asks of us is not to make us miserable, but to allow us to find happiness. It may be uncomfortable at first, it may be hard, it may mean we need to re-prioritize our life...but it will ALWAYS be for our good. 

I love you all so much! I know God is guiding us and wants us to accept His help. Jesus Christ is our Savior and Redeemer. He is Jehovah. He is our ultimate source of light. He feels your joy and pain. He has done what none of us could. He is the Only Begotten Son of God. 

-Sister Brown

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Busy, Busy, Busy

The work here has started picking up this week! We have met a few new people. One of them, Joey, asked us if we were girl scouts XD. Too funny. I asked him if he liked girl scout cookies, he said yes, and as I was trying to think of what to say next, sister Lewis pipes up..."Well, we don't have sorry." Ha it was hilarious. But he stayed to listen for while. We also went back and met his parents on Sunday.

After our lesson (plan of Salvation..they each drew their own interpretation of what the different stages seem like to them as we taught each part) with a part member family (the 10 and 7 year old is preparing for baptism) on Thursday, we had promised to play a little base ball and do gymnastics with them. They kept their commitment of reading, so we had to keep ours. It was so fun! For about 10 minutes we were able to bond with the family and kids. Their family is making so many wonderful changes. At one point, the daughter asked if Dad was coming out. The son said, "he said maybe in a minute...he's looking at something in the scriptures." We were shocked and so so happy!! This family is ready to come back. They're making their way towards being together forever! About an hour after we left, the mom texted us asking what the link was to the Book of Mormon videos online. Well, we were in a lesson and didn't see we couldn't respond. About 15 or so min after the first text saying "never mind, we found it." HOW AWESOME! They are truly studying for themselves, wanting to understand more.
I promise we do work and don't just play...
but here's a pic with a cute young woman
who's preparing to serve a mission and
a wonderful young lady we teach.
Last Monday was a girl's day to the beach :)

Sometimes we have to go through a trial of no success in order to strengthen our ability to endure with patience. On Wednesday we had one of those days. We spent the entire day in a new city we have been assigned and had an entire day of looking for less active members planned. We literally saw Zero less active members. We taught one lesson to someone who we asked directions for. seemed he was trying to convert us :) I think those people are the cutest. Such a sweet old man. Even though it was a long day, I felt energized the whole time. We truly do choose our attitude, and God helps us make it a good one.

We had our first Book of Mormon class this week! The program is ready to build up! :) Also, at church we had so many mom members. They weren't the people we had been teaching, so it was a surprise to see so many people there. I was so grateful and pleased that the ward reached out to them to make them feel welcome and help them know where to go.

Now for a miracle...
A member in Georgia sent this to us
of Lindsay teaching Book of Mormon
 class. She loves to teach!
On Saturday we volunteered at a community event. We met many people. The name of the church was able to get some good exposure. Besides that, we met a wonderful woman whom God has been working with and preparing to hear the message of the restored gospel. When we first walked up to her booth to help her demonstrate the craft she was in charge of, she commented on how we were absolutely beautiful and that there was just 'something' about us. We continued to serve side by side with her for the next couple hours. We chatted, joked, learned of her family and home in Germany. Near the end of our shift, we told her about what we do. We said that we teach people who want to learn more about Jesus Christ and His restored Gospel. We told her that we help people find the answer to questions such as where we were before we lived on earth, what our purpose is while we're here, and where we will go after this life. She stopped us and said, "That is exactly what I was thinking about this morning." As we continued to talk with her, she said how she believes we were meant to meet her that afternoon. It was so cute, later she said.."This is really freaking me out." Ha she's the funniest lady. Long story short, we switched contact info and went on our way. Well, she called us Sunday (early in the morning while we were in ward council) and we weren't able to get back to her until later that afternoon. In her message she told us she kept looking at the card we gave her and couldn't get it off her mind. She said she had lots of questions for us. We called her back and she said she had been watched lots of videos of our church on Youtube (that made me nervous at first...who knows what's on the internet) but she said she really wants to meet with us to talk. She has an incredible desire to change. She said when we walked up to her yesterday that there was a light about us. I said, "Oh, thank you" and went to mention how glad we were to meet her, but she stopped me and said, "No, you don't understand..there was a spirit about you." She has been desiring a change in her life, and God prepared her for the message we will share with her. The experience of meeting her has been incredible. We are going over to talk with her tomorrow evening. She told us to "Please don't forget about me." She's amazing! Talk about the miracle we have been praying for.

Love you all, Be safe and PRAY for missionary opportunities (then ACT when you notice them) :)

-Sister Brown